Heat Soaked Glass

Building Confidence with Enhanced Safety and Reliability

Glass Express Midlands Ltd provides a heat soak testing service following EN 14179 regulations to reduce the risk of spontaneous glass breakage caused by nickel sulfide inclusions. During this process, glass panels are placed into a precisely calibrated oven and heated for approximately 8 hours. This intense heat accelerates the transformation of any potentially dangerous nickel sulfide inclusions, causing them to break within the oven’s controlled environment rather than in your building.

The outcome of this process is heat soaked glass, which has a significantly lower chance of spontaneous breakage, ensuring enhanced safety and reliability. Heat soaked glass is perfect for a broad range of residential and commercial glass applications where safety and durability are crucial.

Enhanced Safety

Minimise the Risk of Unexpected Breakage

At Glass Express Midlands Ltd, we understand that traditional tempered glass can sometimes contain nickel sulfide inclusions which may lead to unexpected breakage. We want you to feel comfortable and secure with the glass products we offer, which is why we provide a heat soak testing process that goes beyond the industry standards (EN 14179). This ensures that our products meet the highest safety standards, giving you peace of mind.

The Result

Confidence in Every Pane

Upgrade the safety and reliability of your living or business space with heat soaked glass. Its significantly lower chance of spontaneous breakage ensures long-term durability, making it ideal for those seeking a secure and dependable option. Don’t compromise safety—choose heat soaked glass for your home or office.


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