Selecting energy-efficient glass for residential installations is more crucial than ever. With the constantly evolving building regulations, architects and specifiers are bound to choose efficient solutions that will not only comply with these regulations but also save energy and money in the long run. Therefore, it is wise to prioritise energy efficiency while selecting glass for your residential needs.

New Building Regs?

We Have the 1.0 U-Value Glass Solutions You Need.

Meeting New Building Standards: Energy-Efficient Glass Solutions

At Glass Express Midlands Ltd, we understand the evolving landscape of building regulations. The recent changes to Approved Document L demand lower U-Values to create more energy-efficient homes and reduce carbon emissions. Here’s how we can help housebuilders and designers meet these stricter requirements.

1.0 U-Value Glass

The Key to Compliance

Our comprehensive range of 1.0 U-Value glass ensures you can meet the latest energy efficiency standards. This high-performance glass is essential for building new homes that comply with Approved Document L.

Low-E Glass: The Science Behind Energy Savings

Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass incorporates a microscopic coating on the inner surface. This advanced technology utilises various materials and metallic oxides to achieve two key benefits:

  • High Light Transmission:

    Enjoy the advantages of natural light while minimising heat loss.

  • Enhanced Thermal Performance: The Low-E coating reflects thermal energy back into the building, reducing reliance on heating systems and lowering energy consumption.

U-Value Explained

Lower Numbers Mean Better Efficiency

The U-value represents a glass unit’s thermal insulation capacity. The lower the U-value, the better the insulating properties and the less heat escapes during winter. Our 1.0 U-Value glass options deliver exceptional thermal performance, ensuring your new builds comply with the latest regulations.

Beyond Efficiency

Self-Cleaning Glass and BSI Kitemark Assurance

Glass Express Midlands Ltd offers a self-cleaning glass option called Pilkington Activ™ that features a dual-action coating that breaks down dirt, allowing rain to wash it away, reducing the need for maintenance. Our accreditation by BSI Kitemark for EN 1279 Parts 2 & 3 (moisture ingress and gas leakage) and EN 12150 (toughened safety glass quality) assures exceptional quality and safety.

Glass Solutions from Glass Express Midlands Ltd.


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