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Are you choosing the right supplier?

When you specify products, you should also be taking a close look at the supplier, according to Fraser Caithness, our Sales Director at Glass Express Midlands. The correct glass specification will have a big impact on the success of a project, from the desired aesthetics through to performance, including insulation and solar gain, according to Glass Express Midlands’ Sales Director Fraser Caithness. But choosing the right supplier will also play a key role in that project’s success. “Using glass suppliers as valued glass businesses is massively important,” Fraser says. “I believe that when you specify products, their value is improved significantly if the supplier you’ve chosen can also add value. “Glass Express Midlands is very careful in terms of how we select a supplier. For example, we buy from UK sources wherever we can. Not only because that helps in terms of a shorter supply chain, but the bigger glass companies are based here in the UK.” Like all glass processing companies, Glass Express Midlands is aware of the many cheaper glass options that are available in the UK, especially as the global demand for glass has dipped over the past year to 18 months. “We avoid this source of cheap glass, mainly from a quality perspective,” Fraser says. “By working with the main UK manufacturers – as well as some of the bigger European sources – you are not only getting access to their high-quality products, but also their significant investment in research and development. “We have an open dialogue with them, and they regularly come to us with new products and new opportunities – things we can bring to the market for our customers’ benefit, such as low-e glass, solar control glass, modern laminated glass, anti-reflective glass, and toughenable mirrored glass.” Fraser points out that the ultimate beneficiaries of this relationship are Glass Express Midlands’ customers and their clients. “Architects and specifiers spend a great deal of time choosing the right glass, so that it is both aesthetically pleasing and high performing,” Fraser says. “We are responsible for ensuring that they have the widest choice possible, and that through us, they have access to market-leading research and development. “Not only that, but our technical team is on hand to offer the necessary support to ensure that the project is completed without a hitch – something that isn’t always on hand with suppliers of cheaper alternatives. “And because we have those connections at the upper end of the industry, we can act proactively by providing our customers with technical updates via CPDs and seminars.” Ultimately, Fraser says, it’s about being able to provide exactly what is required, rather than offering alternatives. “Where architects and specifiers are already talking to the specification teams of the large glass manufacturers, then we can offer complementary technical support,” he says. “So, when our customer comes to us and asks for a particular product, we can say ‘yes, we can supply that,’ rather than trying to switch them over to something else.” Architects will also benefit from a sustainability point of view if they partner with the right suppliers, Fraser says. “Reducing your impact on the environment, and building in sustainability measures into every project, is a key concern for all our clients,” he says. “And it is something that resonates clearly with our suppliers. “For example, Glass Express Midlands’ sustainability strategy is constantly being updated, and it currently includes a cullet return scheme where all our offcut glass is returned to the manufacturer to be recycled. This significantly reduces the amount of energy needed to produce the glass, as well as reducing the amount of raw material used. “The leading glass manufacturers are also looking at new and innovative ways of reducing the embedded carbon in their products, including using renewable energy in the manufacturing process. “Together, these measures allow us to deliver innovative products with lower carbon footprints, which our clients can build in to their own low-impact projects. This is something many other suppliers cannot offer.” Fraser says that by choosing the right supplier – as well as the right product – glass is more than just a component part of a building. “Glass is so versatile and, by choosing the right supplier, it is more than just a component part,” he concludes. “You have access to industry-leading opportunities.”

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Full technical support from Glass Express Midlands.

Full technical support is key when specifying glass for commercial projects, at Glass Express Midlands we believe that modern architectural demands on building products require specialist advice. “When we speak to architects and specifiers, many of them say they often don’t get the advice they need from other suppliers when designing projects,” Glass Express Midlands’ Sales Director Fraser Caithness said. “Given that the technical capabilities of glass are improving year by year, and the Building Regulations place new demands on building components – whether that’s thermal, security, acoustic, or weather tightness, etc – companies like Glass Express Midlands are often best placed to share that specialist knowledge to their clients.” At Glass Express Midlands, we operate out of a modern manufacturing facility in Oldbury, in the West Midlands, and have recently invested in a new cutting table for the specialist provision of oversize units to commercial projects. We have a full technical team that liaises with clients on product specification and installation. “We are involved in some exciting projects, and we are sourcing specialist glass from our partners within the UK and specialist sites across Europe,” Fraser said. “Glass makes a big impact, but it wouldn’t be right to supply these products without proper consultation. “For example, what often gets overlooked is the weight. How are the contractors going to handle these products on site? Have they considered access points and specialist machinery? And if there is a delay on site, how are they going to install it? Also, have they properly considered the advantages of different glass types, and whether toughed and/or laminated? “These are things we design-in to the manufacturing process, and we can advise our clients of best practice on site.” By partnering with your glass supplier early in the design process ultimately gives architects and specifiers greater design freedom, Fraser argues. “Where architects and specifiers are already talking to the specification teams of the large glass manufacturers, then we can offer complementary technical support,” he said. “So, when our customer comes to us and asks for a particular product, we can say ‘yes, we can supply that,’ rather than trying to switch them over to something else.”

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Why sustainability adds up.

Yes, being sustainable is ‘the right thing to do’, but it is also good for business, argues Arun Photay, Managing Director. There was a time when you could have a light touch when it came to sustainability, and it would be enough to satisfy the most querying mind. Take carbon offsetting for example. You could claim to be sustainable, or carbon neutral, without having to do very much in practical terms. This method of reducing your carbon footprint has declined in popularity in the last couple of years, as people and organisations question its legitimacy. As a business with forward-thinking commercial clients, and trade customers supplying conscientious customers, we know it has never been enough to pass on the responsibility for our sustainability to third parties. Instead, we embed sustainable practices in all elements of our business. On the one hand, we do it because we know that it is the right thing to do, but we also do it because we know that it secures business for us. Surprisingly, not every glass company pays as close attention to carbon emissions, waste and efficiency as we do. As a result, we often stand head and shoulders above similar companies when we pitch for high-profile projects. Like-minded partners We start by partnering with like-minded businesses. Take our glass for example. All our glass offcuts are collected and returned to our glass suppliers, including Saint-Gobain Glass. This is returned on the same trucks that deliver the glass, so lorries aren’t making journeys empty. The reason why this partnership works so well is because it doesn’t just satisfy our need to reduce our waste, but Saint-Gobain benefits from the clean glass cullet. By incorporating clean glass cullet from glass processing companies, Saint-Gobain Glass can considerably reduce the amount of energy used in the production of float glass, resulting in a product with a lower carbon footprint. This creates a virtuous circle, and we can manufacture sealed units with a much lower carbon footprint, which we then supply to our customers who require a forward-thinking sustainable supply chain. We also choose our suppliers partly based on location, and we buy most of our products within the UK. Companies such as Thermoseal for example are based in the Midlands, so we know that their products are travelling a dozen miles at most, rather than halfway across Europe. And they also have schemes where packaging is minimised and reused, so waste isn’t sent to landfill needlessly. Our processes We’ve taken a close look at the way Glass Express Midlands operates, to ensure that we are reducing waste, reducing energy use, and optimising systems so that we lessen our impact on the environment. For example, we use the very latest optimising software to make sure that each sheet of glass that goes through our cutting station is maximised, and as little as possible is returned to Saint-Gobain Glass as cullet. Our ongoing programme of machine maintenance means that each process in the factory is running optimally, and our rejection levels are extremely low. Our operatives are trained to notice any product errors early on, so remedial action can be taken quickly, and less product is wasted. There is a direct benefit to our customers here, because they are less likely to return products due to error, which saves time, resources and money – making them more profitable in the process. But ultimately, we are about providing sustainable long-lasting products that help create buildings that require less energy to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Importantly, this isn’t a benefit we are selling to architects and specifiers. Instead, they are coming to us for solutions, and we can confidently demonstrate that we can supply them. So, by actively improving our sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment, not only means we are doing what’s best for the planet, but we are creating opportunities for our customers to win business on the leading projects.

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Glass Express Midlands Ltd Embraces Cutting-Edge Technology for Superior Glass Solutions

Glass Express Midlands Ltd is proud to announce our adoption of advanced technology to enhance our glass solutions. By integrating state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, we aim to offer our customers the highest quality products with unmatched precision and efficiency. Advanced Glass Optimisation: We have implemented the latest glass optimisation software, allowing us to minimize wastage and ensure optimal use of materials in our production process. This not only improves our sustainability efforts but also results in cost-effective solutions for our customers. Innovative Glass Processing: Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our use of cutting-edge glass processing technologies. From precision cutting to intricate designs, our advanced equipment enables us to deliver custom solutions that meet the most demanding specifications. Quality Assurance: With the integration of advanced technology, we have also strengthened our quality assurance processes. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of durability, safety, and performance, providing our customers with peace of mind. Enhanced Customer Experience: The adoption of advanced technology is not just about improving our processes; it’s also about enhancing the overall customer experience. By offering innovative solutions backed by technology, we aim to exceed customer expectations and deliver excellence in every aspect of our service. Visit Us Today: Experience the difference that advanced technology can make in your glass solutions. Visit Glass Express Midlands Ltd to see our cutting-edge technology in action and discover how we can transform your space with our superior glass products.

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Innovative Glass Solutions: Enhancing Spaces Across the UK

In the vibrant tapestry of the United Kingdom’s architecture and design, glass stands out as a material that not only offers functionality but also serves as a canvas for creativity and innovation. From the bustling streets of London to the historic charm of Edinburgh and the modernity of Birmingham, Glass Express Midlands Ltd is proud to be a part of this dynamic landscape, offering bespoke glass solutions that elevate aesthetics and functionality. As a leading provider of high-quality glass products since 2008, Glass Express Midlands Ltd understands the importance of delivering excellence in every project. Our diverse range of products, including energy-efficient double and triple-glazed units, coloured, bevelled, toughened, and processed glass solutions, caters to the unique needs of our clients across the UK. When it comes to sustainability, Glass Express Midlands Ltd is committed to reducing environmental impact. Through our recycling scheme with supply partner Saint Gobain and responsible sourcing policy, we ensure that our products are not only of the highest quality but also environmentally friendly. In cities like London, Manchester, and Glasgow, where architectural diversity is celebrated, our range of products has found its place in both residential and commercial projects. Our laminated safety glass, heat-soaked glass, and decorative glass designs have adorned buildings, adding both beauty and safety. For those looking to enhance their living spaces, our residential glass products offer energy efficiency and style. From low E glass that reduces heat loss to self-cleaning glass that requires minimal maintenance, our products are designed to make life easier and more comfortable. In the commercial sector, our products are chosen for their durability and performance. From toughened glass for windows and doors to balustrades and decorative glass panels, our solutions are tailored to meet the demanding needs of modern businesses. At Glass Express Midlands Ltd, we believe that every project is an opportunity to create something extraordinary. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to excellence, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with glass, transforming spaces and inspiring awe across the UK. Contact us today to discover how Glass Express Midlands Ltd can help you create spaces that are as unique as they are beautiful. Let us be your partner in innovation, bringing your vision to life with our exceptional glass solutions.

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Elevate Your Space with Glass Express Midlands Ltd’s Stunning Decorative Glass Range

In the realm of interior design, the right glass accents can transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary. Glass Express Midlands Ltd, a premier provider of high-quality glass products in the UK, offers a stunning Decorative Range that is sure to captivate and inspire. Our Decorative Range features an array of elegant options, including leaded and stained glass, satin finishes, and intricate patterns. These decorative glass solutions are designed to add a touch of sophistication and charm to any residential or commercial space. Leaded and stained glass, known for its timeless beauty, can be used to create stunning windows, doors, and partitions. The intricate patterns and designs add a touch of elegance and character to any room, making it a focal point of admiration. For those seeking a more contemporary look, our satin finishes offer a sleek and modern aesthetic. The smooth, matte appearance of satin glass adds a touch of luxury to kitchen cabinets, shower enclosures, and office partitions. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, our Decorative Range also offers functional benefits. Glass partitions can create separate areas within a room while maintaining an open and airy feel. Decorative glass can also be used to enhance privacy without compromising natural light. At Glass Express Midlands Ltd, we understand that every space is unique. That’s why we offer bespoke design services, allowing our customers to create custom decorative glass solutions that perfectly complement their style and vision. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your home or create a striking focal point in your commercial space, Glass Express Midlands Ltd’s Decorative Range has something for everyone. Contact us today to explore our range of decorative glass options and elevate your space to new heights of beauty and sophistication.

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Enhance Safety and Durability with Heat Soaked Glass from Glass Express Midlands Ltd

In the world of glass installations, safety and durability are paramount. Glass Express Midlands Ltd, a leading provider of high-quality glass products in the UK, offers a solution to mitigate the risk of spontaneous glass breakage – Heat Soaked Glass. Heat Soaked Glass is a process that helps identify and remove glass panels with nickel sulfide inclusions, which can lead to spontaneous breakage. At Glass Express Midlands Ltd, we conduct heat soak testing services in accordance with EN 14179 regulations to ensure that our glass products meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Our heat soak testing process involves placing the glass panels in a specially calibrated oven and heating them to a specific temperature for a predetermined period. This process helps accelerate the transformation of nickel sulfide inclusions, reducing the risk of spontaneous breakage once the glass is installed. By opting for Heat Soaked Glass from Glass Express Midlands Ltd, you can be assured of enhanced safety and durability for your glass installations. Whether you’re looking to install glass windows, doors, or balustrades, our Heat Soaked Glass offers peace of mind and long-lasting performance. Don’t compromise on safety when it comes to your glass installations. Choose Heat Soaked Glass from Glass Express Midlands Ltd and enjoy enhanced safety and durability for your space. Contact us today to learn more about our Heat Soaked Glass services and ensure the safety of your glass installations.

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